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Get tree removal services in Lithia, FL by James Saunders Tree Service

Looking to remove your trees without doing harm to your property? Maybe you have a stump that requires an expert for its removal? Whatever the case may be, James Saunders Tree Service is the tree removal service you should choose. We are conveniently based in Lithia, FL, and here is more about what we do.


Removing a tree can be a risky endeavor. It will require specialized tools that may be challenging to find or use if you lack the necessary knowledge of the business. Do not worry, you can call our company for assistance with all your tree needs. Our technicians will tackle your project with ease. Our tree removal team will make sure to remove any dangerous obstacles from your property. Our local arborists have all the tools and equipment to finish the job quickly. You may rely on us to do the work with the utmost care for quality and safety. Give us a call today!


Stump Removal

Stump Removal


Have you ever called a pro to prune your trees for you? Your home’s appearance will change if your trees grow wild. If you don’t have the knowledge and instruments necessary to conduct tree trimming and pruning, it could be difficult. Working with our professional arborists ensures that you will not only complete the task fairly quickly but will also enjoy several benefits, including improved plant health, increased curb appeal, and early pest identification. To avoid storm and insect damage, all types of trees are trimmed by our qualified personnel. Working with us, you’ll pay a very reasonable sum for our assistance.


Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Healthy and well-maintained trees can add a lot of beauty and elegance to your property and boost its curb appeal. However, when they’re taken over by pests or become infected with fungus, they can lose their aesthetic quality and become an eyesore instead. Even relatively healthy trees can affect the visual appeal of your property if they’re not regularly trimmed and if their limbs and branches are covering your windows and preventing you from looking out. Thankfully, resolving these issues can be easy when you hire tree experts like us. By using our tree and stump removal services and other professional solutions, you can restore your property’s aesthetic appeal and make it elegant and attractive again.


Prevent Property Damage

When trees are taken over by pests, develop fungal or bacterial infections, or incur wounds due to nearby construction, they can put your property at risk for damage. This comes from the fact that tree damage and diseases can weaken branches and limbs, and they can break off from the trunk at any given moment and fall on your roof, car, or hardscaping. And property damage isn’t just caused by the actual tree itself: tree stumps can also be a culprit since they can attract termites and other wood-eating insects to your property. So, to keep your home in good condition, you’ll want to remove tree stumps as well as dead, dying, or diseased trees ASAP. Don’t worry since our tree root removal experts are always ready to assist you!


What We Offer

We are a professional tree trimming company, also specializing in the removal of trees, grinding of stumps, and chipper services. Visit our Services Page for more information. Turn to us so you can:


Avoid Injuries and Save Time

Dealing with trees is not always as straightforward as it seems to many. Attempting to remove one can lead to several unfortunate occurrences. Usually, many people think that by doing the job themselves, they can save a lot of time and resources; however, that’s far from the truth. Getting rid of your trees is considered to be stressful, daunting, and time-consuming to many, which is why choosing an expert to deal with that for you is the right thing to do. This is where we step in, providing professional tree root removal services, and much more.


How We Do It

We provide our clients with professional tree stump removal services and much more, using only high-quality tools, equipment, and tools. We are extremely precise while working, which is one of the many reasons why we have so many loyal clients. Become one of them!


James Saunders Tree Service offers Tree Trimming in Lithia, FL! Call (813) 324-1494 for any inquiries.


Are you looking for a professional stump removal service in Lithia, FL? James Saunders Tree Service offers this and a lot more, and we are only a phone call away. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Jeffrey Atkinson on James Saunders Tree Service
Thank You!

I was looking for a reputable stump removal company to remove a stump from my backyard. This company did a great job with the project. Thanks a lot for helping me cross this off my to-do list.

They always do a great job on my trees and shrubs and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good tree service in the area.
Isabelly JSantos
Isabelly JSantos
The team at this tree Removal service company went above and beyond to ensure that our tree removal was done safely and efficiently. I highly recommend their services.
Patricia Ball
Patricia Ball
James Saunders Tree Service is an excellent choice for all your tree trimming and removal needs in Lithia, FL. Their team of experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable about local trees and vegetation, using only the latest tools and techniques to ensure safe and efficient tree removal. They also use eco-friendly methods whenever possible to reduce any impact on the environment. The team is always courteous, friendly, and professional. They take pride in their work to ensure the highest quality end result. We have used James Saunders Tree Service multiple times over the years and have been completely satisfied with their services every time. Highly recommended!
مهدی حیدری
مهدی حیدری
I had a tree that was leaning dangerously close to my home and this company took care of it quickly and safely. I was very impressed with their expertise and professionalism. Highly recommend!
Kauani Pereira
Kauani Pereira
Really impressed with the service I received from this company. The team was very helpful and friendly, and they did a great job at removing my trees. They were also able to get done in less time than expected, which was a huge relief!
Oleta C. Null Vitoria Dos Santos Reis
Oleta C. Null Vitoria Dos Santos Reis
With Tree Removal Service, I had a great experience. They did an excellent job cutting back my trees and getting rid of the stumps on my property. They carried out the work fast and well, and their prices were extremely fair. Anyone looking for a dependable tree service should absolutely consider Tree Service.
Robert A. Langston Robert A. Langston
Robert A. Langston Robert A. Langston
This Tree Removal Service provided us with exceptional service! They were able to quickly take care of our tree problem, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. We highly recommend them for all tree-related needs.
Jacob Dease
Jacob Dease
We were frantic when our kitten snuck outside and climbed up a tree after the birds in our yard. No one could help get her down, and both animal control and the fire department weren't able to help. After turning to the internet we thought we would try local tree services, surely they had the experience if needed! I love them.
Dante Cairo
Dante Cairo

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